WIFIGarden is designed specifically for WiFi advertising

Better technology

Our new cloud based technology does not block apps or interrupt browsing to show ads. The system is built to make the end users experience a perfect user experience.

Install in minutes

You don’t need to be an IT guru to set up WIFIGarden on any new or existing WiFi network. Just a few simple steps on any WiFi router and you are ready to publish ads.

Setup Guide

Affordable pricing

Check out our clear and transparent pricing! No matter how large or small the network is, your benefits will always outweigh the costs.

Pricing Tables


Easily create your own banners or choose from templates


Fullscreen Banner


Inpage Banner

You can publish any type of banners and they will appear in end-users device exactly as you want. We have spent hundreds of hours to make the advertisements look perfect on any screen!

Full-screen Banner

Nice full screen advertising will welcome everyone who opens browser or even a link in the app. Our technology makes it look custom made for any screen. Any format and banner type is supported.

Pop-up Banner

Reach your client even within browsing session! This unique feature allows to significantly increase the number of ad impressions. Advertisers love it!

Social WiFi

Add social login or promote your Facebook business profile

Social Promotion

Use your WiFi to promote your Facebook page and reach your social media audience more effectively. Earn Likes and new Followers!

Try Out Now!

Enter your Facebook business page details and WIFIGarden will generate a nice banner for you automatically.


Manage your campaigns wherever you are.



Network owner will be always aware of what happens with campaigns, thanks to the advanced statistics tool.


Ad Management

WIFIGarden is built to fit the demands of marketing people. It's very easy and intuitive. The system will help to publish perfect campaign, even if it has never been done before.



Choose pricing option that best fits you.


per month

Save paying just 99$ per year!


  • 1 Account
  • 1 Location
  • 1'000 Ad Impressions

$2 CPM*


per month

Save paying just 499$ per year!


  • 1 Account
  • Up to 5 Locations
  • 10'000 Ad Impressions

$1.5 CPM*



Custom pricing, contact us!


  • More Accounts
  • More Locations
  • More Ad Impressions


* Cost per one thousand ad impressions. CPM rate will be charged when included amount of impressions is exceeded.

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